Our team of international consultants provide solutions and advisory to address healthcare problems.

Our Consulting services covers:

How we can help you

We provide strategic advice on all aspects of healthcare including investments, project financing, clinical operations and programme development.

We design, establish and manage short, medium and long term healthcare programmes on behalf of our clients where the objective is to improve healthcare deficit and clinical outcomes.

We assist clients in the conceptualisation, design, planning and operational set-up of all types of healthcare facilities, ranging from brownfield redevelopments to greenfield projects.

How we can help you

We provide expert advisory for all aspects of healthcare financing, including instruments required for raising operating or growth capital for healthcare institutions.

We provide evidence-based advisory in Health Economics, including design of provider payment mechanisms, risk pooling strategy and analysis to localise National Health Accounts.

How we can help you

We design, test and operate clinical and enterprise-wide healthcare processes and business operations.

We advise on the integration with Information Management and Technology systems with a focus on maximising efficiency, systems and process re-engineering.

We analyse and review systems and processes within healthcare facilities, with the objective of optimising efficiency in the delivery of care.

We recommend and implement new methods and practices.

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We provide an independent consultancy service for the selection, procurement, delivery, installation and commissioning of specialist medical equipment.

How we can help you

We carry out global talent headhunts for specialist personnel to work in healthcare institutions worldwide, including senior clinicians, managers and executives. Our screening and recruitment process is professionally managed to ensure that we can meet all human resource policies.

We design, recommend and implement benchmarked Clinical Staff Performance Management tools and resources to ensure clinicians are delivering care to the best international quality standards.

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We take pride in delivering excellence to all of our clients around the world, meaning you can be fully confident in our services.

Total Health Expenditure is the sum of public and private health expenditure. In 2014 health expenditure as a percentage of GDP in Nigeria was 4%, which is significantly less than countries such as the United Kingdom (9.1%) and Japan (10.2%).