Nigeria’s public health system is faced with recurring
challenges such as poor infrastructure and outdated technologies, resulting in Nigerians seeking treatment from the private sector and overseas providers. Technology has been a major tool in bringing improvement to the delivery of health services. The effective use of technology can help healthcare facilities deliver high quality care and improve patient outcomes.

Most specialist hospitals in Nigeria are in need of an upgrade devoted to improving the standard of care by procuring critical modern medical equipment. Vesta Healthcare was engaged by a State Ministry of Health to identify and supply medical equipment for the upgrade of two public-sector specialist hospitals with the view of improving its capacity and patient health outcomes.


Vesta Healthcare provided technical advisory on specialist hospital equipment capacity and functionality improvement. Starting with a comprehensive audit of existing equipment in both hospitals, Vesta Healthcare conducted a functionality and capability assessment of the human resources for health. Vesta Healthcare undertook all aspects of Medical Equipment Planning from developing Bill of Quantities, procuring the equipment and supervising the installation process.

Working closely with the State Ministry of Health, Vesta Healthcare developed a Bill of Quantity (BoQ) listing the equipment requirement and technical specifications based on international best practice and standards. After extensive consultations, the content of the final BoQ was then used to source and procure the best equipment from manufacturers globally. The delivery, installation, commissioning and after sales support was all provided. Vesta Healthcare recognised that the specialist hospitals also needed the skilled manpower to utilise the required equipment and technology in their organisation capacity analysis and ensured that staff training and equipment maintenance following installation was included in the package.