Like most low and middle income countries, Nigeria is making efforts toward achieving universal access to affordable and quality healthcare services in the country. However, most of the health programmes and strategies target the vulnerable segments of the population and do not provide comprehensive care and abroad treatments that appeal to Nigeria’s wealthy. If health insurance is expected to be universal in Nigeria, all segments of the population must be covered.

Vesta Healthcare was appointed to design and develop a premium health programme for a leading Nigerian Health Insurance Provider looking to introduce a new health insurance product targeted at the wealthy of Nigeria. The programme is to cover and address chronic health conditions, overseas treatment and any other type of healthcare required by the enrollees. The premium for this comprehensive health insurance programme is to be pooled as part of the health insurance fund to produce risk equalisation.


Vesta Healthcare provided technical advisory on the design, development and deployment of the new comprehensive healthcare insurance package. The package was aimed at the population segment who prefer a broader range of services and were prepared to pay the premium for such a product. An assessment of the target market and market opportunity was carried out to determine the inclusion of the package.

Vesta Healthcare researched and studied success stories of countries like the UK that has a similar programme. Vesta Healthcare also arranged a study tour of the UK NHS for the Nigerian Health Insurance Provider’s senior management to understand the operations of the NHS, its arm-bodies and partner organisations. The study tour highlighted deficiencies in the client operations, and provided useful insight into improving their quality standards and data management central to the efficiency of their operations.

In addition, Vesta Healthcare led a Visioning, Design and Strategy Workshop in Abuja attended by the management committee and accredited HMOs in Nigeria. The workshop provided input into the blueprint and marketing plan for the new health insurance package. Vesta Healthcare continues to work with the Nigerian Health Insurance Provider in the development of the blueprint document for the new healthcare insurance package, and have arranged to provide programme monitoring and evaluation services.