Diagnostic testing is an essential element of the healthcare system, integral to many clinical decisions, providing physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers with pivotal information for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of diseases. Over the last few decades, public-sector diagnostic facilities in Nigeria have deteriorated and there is now an unmet demand for quality laboratory services.

One of Nigeria’s leading providers of pathology services wishes to expand and grow their business by partnering with existing diagnostic facilities across Nigeria to provide quality, reliable and accessible medical laboratory services. This partnership will address the infrastructure and equipment deficit faced by many public-sector tertiary care institutions. The Diagnostic Centres will provide state of the art equipment and personnel training all of which would drive up standards. As the Business Growth Adviser to the leading pathology provider, Vesta Healthcare led the process of the establishment of Diagnostic Centres as Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) across Nigeria.


Vesta Healthcare worked to provide a collaborative risk-sharing Public-Private Partnership (PPP) venture framework, involving the pathology provider, State Ministries of Health, Tertiary Care Facilities as well as other key stakeholders. Preliminary discussions were made with the prospective tertiary healthcare institutions with the objective of making their institution home of the leading diagnostic services provider in their location. Following detailed research and extensive consultations, Vesta Healthcare developed a Concept Paper to take on a road show.

Vesta Healthcare will develop an Outline Business Case backed by a robust, cost recovery Financial Model to determine the required framework essential for making such Diagnostic Centres fully operational and financially viable. As part of the PPP Advisory Services, Vesta Healthcare will assist in developing an Implementation Plan for the Diagnostic Centres and gaining approval with the relevant regulatory bodies.