Clinical Performance Management and Quality Assurance are critical continuous processes used with the ultimate aim of improving care and clinical outcomes. For hospitals aiming to achieve and maintain a high standard of quality, these processes must become custom.

Over a period of 20 years, our client suffered a consistent deterioration of the quality of services offered, resulting in wide variability in outcomes for clinical conditions. The senior management of the hospital required a change in performance of clinical staff, processes of care delivery and better measurement of clinical input and outcomes.

Vesta Healthcare provided UCH Ibadan with consultancy services for Clinical Performance Management and Quality Assurance over a 36-month period. Our services were designed to substantially improve the overall patient experience, clinical workforce productivity and revenue generation across the entire hospital.  The Vesta approach was to engage and work with the clinical workforce and executive management to gain insights from selected patient groups. Through this, internationally-benchmarked, private-sector led solutions were developed to foster sustainability, improve clinical outcomes and gain competitive advantage.  In addition, Vesta Healthcare restructured the Clinical Leadership arrangements to allow for the delivery of clinical services along “Service Lines” which involved training of newly recruited Service Development Officers in conjunction with the Institute for Healthcare Management (IHM) UK.

The project resulted in implementation of a Quality Improvement Unit as well as successful training of Service Development Officers.